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Do Energy Efficient appliances actually increase our net energy use?

I'm taking a class about the environment and we recently learned how new energy efficient appliances are actually increasing our net energy use. This is because basically, when people get a new more efficient appliances, the old appliances aren't simply thrown away but used somewhere else in the home (ex. An old fridge being put in the garage to hold beer). Also they may be sold or given away to other people. So basically, the old machines aren't taken out of circulation and all we are doing is adding more machines to our net energy use, even though they are more efficient. Also, there is some sort of paradox where you use a system more once it becomes more efficient, which can be applied to energy star appliances. I am having trouble however finding research and data on this topic. If anyone knows more about it or where I can find some articles on it, that would be a huge help! Thanks.

Posted by Alex

Yeah, what you say is true. But you also have to take into account the emissions produced during manufacture and disposal. You might also take into account that we justify to ourselves that the appliances don't use as much energy so we feel free to use them more, despite the fact that we're only saving 10% power or something, and we'll use them more than 10% more.

If you're talking about energy usage though, looking at the production and disposal processes are really important and often overlooked.

I haven't got any sources for data though sorry.

Disposing safely of electrical appliances, bulbs etc. Safely.?

Does anyone know of a website or anywhere I can get information regarding disposal of items like light bulbs, small electrical items that no longer work etc. Rather than put them out with the refuse. Our local supermarket collects old batteries but there are lots of things like kettles, hairdriers etc. Which, once they no longer work I want to dispose of in an environmentally friendly way.

Posted by Meggan's Mum

The council's recycling centre should have a section for disposing of small electrical items. If you think they may be repairable The British Heart Foundation may be interested and will collect for free if they are. They also take furniture. Their telephone number is 0844 248 9144 if you want to see. Otherwise it's the recycling centre.

Package deal when buying a lot of appliances?

My husband and I just bought a house. It was a foreclose, and we are left with NO appliances. Do you know if any company has a package plan? Buy a washer, dryer, microwave, garbage disposal, dish washer and get a fridge for free?!? :) What about a warranty package?

Posted by Jessica A

Different stores have different policies. Start SHOPPING.