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Tooth Removal?

My dentist has suggested i have one of my teeth removed, however, i'm not sure, he says my wisdom teeth will force the other tooth over and over time will reduce the gap!

Anyone had a tooth removed and the gap filled with other teeth?

Posted by Adam

I believe you are talking about removing a first molar in hopes that the wisdom tooth will push against the second molar forcing both remaining teeth, to drift into the missing first molars place, closing the gap. It has been known to happen and has intentionally been done before, but it does take some time and there is “no guarantee.” Don't expect the gap to close within a few days or weeks, it may take months or years before you notice any movement towards closing the gap, and the teeth may be tilted or leaning forward when it does move. That is the main reason that most patients perfer other options. The other options will keep other dental problems from arising due to this extraction.

If you are self conscious or worried about having the space or it showing when you smile, you might want to consider an “implant” as a more permanent remedy. Although this does take some time and several appointments to complete
this procedure.

There are other options if the implant isn't appealing to you. The next choice would be a “bridge” to close the space, replacing the missing tooth with a pontic or fake tooth. The treatment will cause at least two teeth to be prepped down, having the enamel and some of the tooth structure removed so that these teeth can be used as abutment teeth. This is what most patients choose if the abutment teeth are sound without excessive bone loss.

If these aren't options for you to consider, there is always a "spider" partial. This is a fake tooth with clasp on front and back, giving it a spider like appearance, thus the name of the appliance. It clasp on the teeth at the front and back of the missing or extracted tooth. I wouldn't advise a “full partial” to replace “only one” tooth, but if you have others missing on the opposite side, this may be an excellent option for you, allowing you to replace “all of the missing teeth in this arch.”

These are options that may or may not be appealing to you, with the implant being the most expensive and the spider partial being the least. I hope that I’ve been of some help and always discuss anything you don’t understand with your dentist. He will be more than happy to discuss what would be best for your particular treatment. Good luck with your pending procedure.

Do you use a steam mop?

Do you use a steam mop? How do you like it and what brand is it? I have been thinking about getting one but not sure which one to go with!
~ thanks.

Posted by Jackie

I have one of the Shark steamers and I do use it a lot. It's not just the mop, it's the model that looks like a small canister vac with the tank on wheels and a long hose that the attachments go on. I got that style because I thought it would be much more useful for a variety of tasks.

Originally, I got it to clean my stainless gas grill. It does a good job on that and in much less time than anything else. And no expensive chemical cleaners to buy. I use it to clean floors, walls, trim, windows, counters, cupboards, bath room fixtures, kitchen appliances, pretty much everything. I have also used it to strip wallpaper, soften tub caulk for easier removal and defrost a freezer. That steam blasts the ice and frost buildup out of there FAST! I was done in 45 minutes and that included putting the food back in! And I also put the hose attachment from my carpet shampoo machine in the bottom of the freezer to suck up with water as the ice melts. Beats trying to sop it up with a sponge and all that mess!

I buy a lot less expensive and not good for you cleaners now. Shark recommends that you pair your steamer with microfiber cloths and since I got to using those, I hardly buy paper towels or use sponges and all that for cleaning. The microfiber cloths clean better, more thoroughly than any sponge, paper towel or rag. When they get dirty they go in the washer and dryer (no fabric softener) and are good to go again. They get used for everything from dish cloths to dust cloths. I buy mine at Sam's Club; a bundle of 24 is less than $10.

One thing you must learn when cleaning with steam is a bit of patience. It is not immediate nor do you scrub. It might take a minute for the steam to loosen a gob of something on the floor or the grease on the stove so you can wipe it up. We're so used to scrubbing that there is usually a bit of a learning curve.

I have everything for vinyl tile, linoleum tile to finished hardwood floors and I use it on them all. As long as the hardwood is finished or sealed, you will be fine. The steam dries very quickly and does not have the chance to work it's way into the seams.

I don't get it out for everyday quick wipe ups but for heavier cleaning, you bet! No buckets full of dirty water to lug around and all that mess either!

Do Cheap home laser hair removal appliances work?

The salon devices cost around $35,000 but you can buy small home appliances for home laser hair removal for around $270. The Epila Laser is the only model i've found (eg on ebay, but for so little money for something
which "can't be bought in shops" I'm sceptical as to whether or not
they work, so I'm looking for some trustworthy reviews or websites
with info on whether they're worth getting.

Posted by questionmark

Donottry them,,, they are painful and put ugly scars even in the hands of experient ones you donot need to byelaser machine you can go to dermatologist and he may use his laser for you and you have to pay for the no of shots he use it every time and with 2-3 times laser you will get rid of your unwanted hair (i have done it for my axillary area and i am going to do it for my bikini line in near future the result is really unbeliveable.…