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Trying to find a job but i have no luck!! Help! San diego area.?

I'm just out of high school and i need a job or my car is going to be taken from me for the entire summer. It seems like no one is hiring or i have terrible luck. I've applied to 3 targets, 3 albertsons, 3 edward movie theaters, wendys, a gourmet grocery store, pizza hut, petco, and 3 subways.
At some places i talk to the manager but they dont get back to me. I dont know what to do. I live in san diego and if you know of any job fairs or places in san diego hiring please help!

Any suggestions to where i should apply ???

Posted by je m'en fous

There's good news and there's bad news! The bad news is that the economy has just about everybody from seasoned, older workers to college grads with very expense degrees, over a barrel right now. It’s tough finding a job no matter who you are and what skills you have to offer!

The good news is that you can hire yourself! Create your own job, set your own fees, work the hours that you choose and do it for as long or as short-term as you want!

If you've been paying attention to the internet you've noticed that many companies have downsized laid off employees or gone out of business. People are having to "re-invent" themselves, meaning they are having to create a new way for using their skills to make money!

For instance, those who once ran the training department at a major corporation may now find themselves conducting seminars, speaking at conferences or hosting webinars on-line to bring money into their household! Or, a laid off coach may now find himself charging a fee for coaching or training a local, little league or neighborhood sports team.

I can think of a few things that you might want to consider and if none of the ideas that I throw out appeal to you, hopefully they'll get you started thinking about some others:

1. Selling things on e-bay. Old board games, card games, cds, clothes, video games or sports equipment lying around collecting dust? Sell it on e-bay!

2. Computer Geek. If you're good with diagnosing and/or fixing computer problems you could turn your skill into some serious cash by creating a web-site, doing a good job and then asking your customers to sing your praises and write referrals on your web site! After your name and reputation gets out, you can bump up your price a bit!

3. Tutor. You can use neighborhood library as your office, which creates a safe environment for you and the kid and eliminates the need for buying books and provides free computer access!

4. Trash pickup. One look at the success of 1-800-Got-Junk tells you that people are willing to pay to have someone take the old furniture, appliances, tools and stuff out of their homes! Since you don't have a truck you can limit your trash pick up to smaller items until you have earned enough to rent or buy a small truck!

5. Grocery delivery. Elderly or senior citizens, busy, professionals and families, everybody has to eat! A good, dependable personal shopper who plays their cards right, could make some pretty serious cash on a consistent basis! Make a great impression by showing up in clean and pressed khakis or jeans and shirt, clean sneakers or work shoes, neatly combed hair and DEODORANT P-U-L-E-E-Z-E! (there is nothing worse than leaving a sweaty smell or a downright stink behind you as you go about your business)! And keep your deliver car clean! T

6. House cleaning. Not necessarily the inside (although that's a good idea, too) but, outside! Window washing, gutter cleaning and power washing the outside of homes covered with exterior siding, and walk ways goes over well at this time of year! You can sign up with $35.00cycle in hopes that someone may be giving away the equipment you need, free of charge!

7. Car Wash/Detailing service. You could offer the service at the customer's home or at your home!

8. Video game or sports equipment rental. You can rent rather than sell your video games. You can also rent your bicycle, motor bike, surf board, skates or Wii console and accessories. If you decide to rent equipment, you can find a rental agreement online and then tweak it to your satisfaction. At any rate, you want to make sure that you will be compensated for any damage or loss of your possessions while in the care of someone else.

I always recommend that young people check out the following web-sites to get your creative juices flowing:


The money is out there and its waiting for you! Get focused and get going "making that paper!!"

What company will come remove my fridge for free or low price for recycling?

I got a broken fridge, needs to go so i can get another.

Posted by pluto

I have to agree with the 1st reply. The store you will be getting the new one even if it's 2nd hand might take it if you ask before buying. You don't say where you are, Where I live, many stores selling appliances do take the old one when they deliver the new…If you are getting another one from a relation and have to get rid of yourself, phone a scrapyard or recycle place to see if they have pickups even cityhall might be able to help you.

How do I dispose old appliances and furniture in Detroit?

I need to dispose a stove, a toilet and a bath vanity. Where do I take them?

Posted by Claudio F

Bulk pickup from the city. If not you can pay 1-800-got junk to pick it up. Another option is to try $35.00cycle-where people are looking for free items-so if someone is restoring a house and wants an old vanity they will pick it up.

If you know what's the matter w/ the stove-just be honest and put it in the ad.