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Kitchen Aid Mixer Repair in Chicago?

I am looking for a shop which will do repairs on Kitchen Aid mixers. I am looking for a place in the Chicago area.

Posted by stefanie a

KitchenAid has a list of countertop appliance service providers on their website (see below). Results for Illinois show authorized repair facilities in Hoffman Estates, Downers Grove, Elmhurst, and Quincy. Obviously, the Quincy one is not for you.

Aside: never heard of Quincy, so I googled it. It's on the IL-MO line, near Hannibal. That's far! =)

Where can i sell my appliances and furniture in chicago?

Posted by Kimberly

Take out an ad in Craigs List, Chicago section.

What is the average cost per hour for repairs on appliances?

Labor cost per hour for repairmen for reapairing all appliances, Refrigators, Ranges, Waswhers and Dryers.

Posted by Richard

In the Chicago area, it is about $55 per hour on the job site.…