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Anyone have some cheap vacation ideas?

I'm living in central Wisconsin with my husband, and I really think that it's time for a good vacation. However, the current economy makes that difficult. I'd like to come up with something that would cost $1000 or less. We go to the Twin Cities, Chicago, and Milwaukee all the time, so please, don't suggest any of those locations. Thanks for the ideas.

Posted by boops_86

HI-Madison Wisconsin is located in the heart of one of the Midwest's most friendly, exciting, beautiful, and inexpensive cities. An outdoor paradise, with nearly 200 parks, several glacial lakes, and miles of bicycle trails. Tour the State Capitol, buy organic goodies at our Farmer's Market, be part of the audience of Wha'd Ya Know radio show, or take the Frank Lloyd Wright Tour. You'll find the hostel a clean and comfortable place to meet visitors from all over the world.
Madison's most affordable accommodations in a cozy, turn-of-the-century house
A great downtown location-only two blocks from the Capitol, State Street, and Monona Terrace and eight blocks from the UW campus
Private and shared rooms
A kitchen with a stove, microwave, refrigerator, and cooking and eating utensils
A common room with a library, television, VCR, and internet kiosk
Laundry facilities
$35.00 linens and towels
No curfew
An information center stocked with brochures for local museums, parks, and other sites and events
Knowledgeable staff who can share what's happening in Madison during your visit
Volunteer hosts who can take you to Madison's museums, festivals, restaurants, and bars
People of all ages are welcome at the HI-Madison Hostel!
We hope to host you during your next trip to Madison, Wisconsin!


2 Bed(s) in Dorm 220.00 USD (5 night.)
Bedding: Blankets, pillows, and linens are included in the overnight price.

Anyone know of a cheap Chicago hotel?

I'm looking for a cheap hotel in the center of Chicago; thinking of going there the beggining of August.

I kind of want the price to be 150-ish per night, after fees like parking have been included. Amenities like a continental breakfast, microwave, and refrigerator would be nice.

However, since there will be three of us, the room should basically have a king-sized bed and a small sofa…

Does something like this even exist?

Posted by da dude person

Absolutely: Chicago has had almost every type of visitor you can imagine so the list is endless for those who have various circumstances and want to see this spectacular city.

Check out the link below to discover cheap hotels:

What's the best way to move furniture from San Fancisco to Chicago?

I am moving from San Francisco to Chicago in December, and am trying to figure out the best way to move everything. Any suggestions for cheap moving or shipping companies?
Note- We are only bringing the necessary things, and can fit most of our furniture (most of which was bought within the last six months, as we did not know we would be moving, thus it would not be cost effective to sell and rebuy) into a small sized Uhaul truck. I am not asking for moving advice, I am asking for SHIPPING advice.

Posted by Meghan

As a general rule movers are not that cheap, and if you do find a cheap one I doubt you want them moving all your worldly belongings across the country, hopefully they would be bonded and insured for damage, which is the law, but after filing a claim for damage good luck collecting, that's a long trip, and packing and securing a load for that distance should be done by quality professionals, but here's a few tricks, if you don't need it at your new place don't haul it, food stuffs, donate it if unopened, if not toss it, same goes with cleaners and other things such as garden and pet supplies, most of this you can buy cheaper than packing and hauling it, as a rule of thumb if its cheap or unused don't haul it, keep the load as compact and thrifty as possible, stuff you feel you can pack yourself without damage, do it, high dollar stuff let the pros pack, these guys at origin and destination get payed by the hour, make it so they can get in and out quick, everything except a few items ready to go on the van, if they have to disconnect your washer and dryer, refrigerator, TV and stereo, this is time and it costs money, of course you know you can call moving companys for free estimates right? An estimater will come to your place and look over what you have and plan to move and give you an estimate, if he quotes 8 hrs and it only takes 3 the difference will be deducted from the bill. And a mover in the Bay Area makes about $15 to $35 bucks an hour, times that by 3 or 4 guys and thats a chunk of change, you also get charged for weight, so keep that in mind.…