$35.00 Appliance Removal Everett WA

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$35.00 appliance removal in Kansas City?

My refrigerator quit working and i have a new one being delivered today. What should I do? I dont have any more money to pay someone to pick it up.

Posted by Josh S

Put a listing on craigslist or freecycle (both are free), often people will take old appliances to repair, part out, or sell for salvage.

Does anyone know when Sears has the best sales for appliances?

Posted by Janis C

Our Sears will run specials practically every month as they move out the old stock, and bring in the new. You have to be vigilant about watching the circulars and their ads on-line….not only are you looking for a percentage off the appliance (15-25%) but the free delivery, installation, and free removal promotions can also save you an additional $85.00 and up.

Nothing wrong with using your Sears card to get an extra 15% off…the secret of course is to pay if off before the interest is tacked on :)

How do I find out when my city collects old items?

As in old couches,mattress..stuff that doesn't normally fit in the trash cans. I live in MONTEBELLO, CA.

Posted by Stellar


Bulky Item Pick-Up

Bulky items that will not fit in your container (such as sofas, appliances, mattresses, etc.) will be picked up FREE of charge. You must contact Athens Services at 888-336-6100 at least 24-hours prior to your pick up day to make arrangements.

Please follow these easy steps to Schedule Your Bulky Item Removal

Step 1. Call Athens Services at 888-336-6100 during business hours at least 24-hours before your next collection day.

Step 2. Provide Athens Services with the following information:
Address and cross street. Pick-up Day. List of items to be picked up.

Step 3. Place bulky items out for pick-up by 6am on your collection day. Items must be stored out of public view prior to 24-hours before your collection day.