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What things should I ask my potential landlord before I move in?

For instance, what utilities are paid etc. Thanks!

Posted by Das ist mein fluch

There are so many things to think aobut –
How the rent is paid (in person or through the mail and is it cash or are checks or credit card payments acceptable), when is it due, what is included (hear, maintenance, etc.).
Who do you call for issues int he building (pest control, broken appliances etc.).
Are there rules about pets, or how many people live in the apartment?
What are th terms and conditions for a security deposit refund at the end of the lease?
Can you paint or hang picutres (holes in the walls)?
Is there laundry in the building, and if so, is it free or do you have to pay?
How many cars can be parked and where?
Any fire code issues, or constraints? Are BBQ grills or space heaters allowed?
Does the unit come prewired for Cable or satellite TV?
If appliances are Gas, is Gas included?
Who pays for garbage pickup, lawn maintenance, or snow removal?
Is there a local recycling program, and does the building participate?
If you have neighbors, are there rules about quiet time, play areas or other ocmmon areas that you need to know?

Good Luck.

Where Can I Get My Washer And Dryer Recycled In Overland Park Kansas?

I have a washer and dryer I would Like Picked Up.

Posted by CK


Many of their recycling and disposal services are free !

Appliances-Refrigerators-Stoves Microwaves
Washing Machines-Dryers-Water Heaters
Lawn And Garden Equipment-Lawn Mowers
E-Waste And Electronics Recycling
Televisions PC-Computers-Monitors-Printers
Copy Machines-Office Equipment
Business And Industrial Machinery
Business And Warehouse Clean-outs
Commercial Accounts
Disposal curbside pickup service junk hauling removal
Kansas City Mo Independence Mo Leawood Ks Lee's Summit Mo
Blue Springs Mo.

Starting a recycling business with a twist.?

The idea is nothing new and is happening all over the U.S. It's paying people to recycle and then taking it to a recycling center for profit. My father has been in the scrap metal business for 15 years and he said he would be willing to help me. And I know the price of metal/recyclables is way down, but that's part of the beauty. I would be able to pay people rock bottom dollar prices, and families would be loving it too because the economy is bad and every dollar helps. Does anyone have any ideas/experience on how to maybe start this on a small scale? I do have storage space, and a truck. Please only respond if you have a legitimate idea, or experience in this field.

Thank You.

Posted by William

I would start by just advertising on craigslist that you'll pay money for scrap metal. Offer free removal of old appliances, then take them apart and sell the metal for scrap. Just be aware of restrictions on disposing of refrigerators and freezers because the refrigerant is bad for the environment.

As your business grows, I would start talking to small-medium companies and setting up contracts to pick up their scrap on a regular schedule.