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Hi I just bought a hpouse and I need to buy a lot of stuff at lowes and home depot.. Like appliances ,etc.?

I need urgent coupons that can help me save some money… I have kids and its not easy. I rather use that money for their needs.. Please if anyone outthere has coupons please contacme me I will give you my adress so you can mail them OR ANY PRINTABEL COUPONS THAT YPOU CAN SEND TO MY EMAIL.. I alkready register on both web sites for coupons but at the end said please allow 3 to 5 weeks to receive them and I need to buy appliances nowwwwwwwwwwwww thanks alot.

Posted by lita

Did you look at Lowe's site today? Toward the bottom of homepage there is a rebate offer for free appliance delivery & old appliance removal for purchases over $397.00. Hope this helps.


Is there any money in rubbish removals and scrap metal
does anyone do it and does anyone have an idea of what id earn on a average week mon – fri 8-6.
Where is the best place to take it.

Posted by deano16c

I used to do demolition. I've also done junk removal because I owned 2 pick up trucks that sit around doing nothing most of the time. Here's what I would look for:

1 – people giving away perfectly good appliances such as washers/dryers, fridges, etc. I would pick them up for free and then post them for sale on the internet classified ad websites the same day I picked them up. I would offer them for sale at a really good price and just leave them on my truck until somebody responded to the ad, which was usually within an hour because I was offering to deliver them also. For a good washer/dryer set I could make $150 (total time, 3 hours).

2 – There is a good market for scrap aluminum, copper, brass and other metals right now. For example, I recycled an old copper radiator from my old 1981 Ford van and they gave me $15 at the scrap yard for it.

There is some good money to be made in junk removal and recycling if you know what to look for. For example, don't pick up used appliances that are in bad shape or don't work. You'll never re-sell them and the metal content is worth nothing at the scarp yard.

I can tell you a lot more if you want to email me. – Cheers.

What to do about neighbor's stinky cigarette smoke?

I live in apartment. They're fairly nice and expensive. However, one of the neighbors must be a heavy smoker, because my apartment fills with the smell of cigarette smoke every single day. It's especially bad in the kitchen and if you turn on the vent fan above the stove, it smells terrible! It also comes through the fan in the bathroom. The smoke is so bad and is triggering headaches in me nearly every single night (I'm prone to cluster headaches and cigarette smoke is a trigger for me). It's also making my throat sore. I know these are the effects of the smoke because I lived with family that smoked for 17 years. Anyway, what can I do about this? I live in Washington state. I know we just passed strict anti-smoking laws, but I don't think anything is mentioned about cases like this. The apartment staff is incredibly unhelpful. It's becoming unbearable to be in my own apartment! I can't afford to move either and am still locked in to a 10 month lease. Does anyone have any suggestions?
To iritadragon: I'm not having issues with my neighbor. I'm not the only one who has noticed the cigarette smoke. My in-laws first pointed it out to me when I came back from a trip to California and they were watching out apartment. This isn't in my head. Ultimately, I wouldn't care if I could smell the cigarette smoke as long as I didn't have the physical problems that came along with it. And it isn't psychological. My throat is sore. I get headaches. Is it so inconceivable that the toxic chemicals in cigarettes could cause these things? Cigarettes KILL people. Yet if I get a sore throat or headache from second hand smoke, it must be psychological? That's just silly.

Ultimately, I don't even know which neighbor it is. It could be the guy below me which would make sense because the way the apartment is set up. It doesn't have very good insulation and it could very likely have a problem with the fans. I smell the dryer sheets of my neigbhors dryer when they do laundry as well.

Posted by jen

Maybe try calling this number to start with and possibly they can direct you. The venting system in your complex doesn't seem to be properly installed for each individual unit.

Tenants Union of Washington State
Tenants Rights Hotline: 206-723-0500

The landlord must:

Maintain the dwelling so it does not violate state and local codes in ways which endanger tenants' health and safety.
Maintain structural components, such as roofs, floors and chimneys in reasonable good repair.
Maintain the dwelling in reasonable weather tight condition.
Provide reasonably adequate locks and keys.
Provide the necessary facilities to supply heat, electricity, hot and cold water.
Provide garbage cans and arrange for removal of garbage, except in single family dwellings.
Keep common areas, such as lobbies, stairways and halls, reasonably clean and free from hazards.
Control pests before the tenant moves in . The landlord must continue to control infestations except in single family dwellings, or when the infestation was caused by the tenant.
Make repairs to keep the unit in the same condition as when the tenant moved in — except for normal wear and tear.
Keep electrical, plumbing and heating systems in good repair, and maintain any appliances which are provided with the rental.
Inform the tenant of the name and address of the landlord or landlord's agent.
Set water heaters at 120% F when a new tenant moves in.
Provide smoke detectors, and ensure they work properly when a new tenant moves in. (Tenants are responsible for maintaining detectors.)
Promptly terminate the tenancy of a tenant who has threatened another tenant with a firearm or other deadly weapon and who has been arrested for the threatening behavior.
Refrain from threatening a tenant with a firearm or other deadly weapon under circumstances which result in the landlord's arrest. [RCW 59.18.354]