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DO Rio salon laser hair removal appliances work?

Posted by samina n

Hey hun i got this for my birthday as im always at the salon getting waxed and when i seen this it was perfect. It honestly does work, the hair after using it becomes less noticable and after using it long enough, the hair ducts get closed up and no hair will get produced. It saves alot of money and dosent take alot of effort. You also do not get that stubby look like you do when your shaving. Deffo worth the money. I have all the rio beauty products, rio teeth whitening, rio nail kit, riolip plumping.
If you wanna be hair free with no hassle , then deffo get this.

Hair removal – bikini line?

What in your opinion is the best way to remove hair from the bikini line with a do-it-yourself approach – i.e. Not professionally done and not too expensive?

Posted by Maths

I'm glad I found your question, as I like to consider myself a bit of an expert in hair removal!
First you have to begin and be honest to yourself about your pain tolerance. Wax is the best way to remove hair on any part of the body as it pulls the hair from the root and therefore isn't cutting it to make it grow back thicker and quicker. Also it lasts up to 4 weeks!!! If your ready for wax, you can do it yourself using Veet Wax Strips. They are around £11 in Boots or Superdrug and regularly have offers on. I would sincerely recommend wax… Just tell yourself that it won't hurt tomorrow when your doing it! (A little tip! If you are going to wax, do it in the morning, it's when your pain tolerance is highest.)

There is of course shaving appliances specially designed for women and womanly areas… Such as Woman's Quattro Shaving Bikini Razor. Pain free and it has a shaving head, a trimmed and a cutter so you can do it just how you like it! Just remember that re-growth is not going to be too nice down there. However, it will be easy to maintain with the trimmed etc. It is £9.99 and the "best women's bikini razor on the market." Says Glamour Magazine! I have personally never tried it so I cannot vouch for that, however I am sure that it does what it's supposed to!

There is epilation, and you can purchase an epilator specially shaped/designed for the bikini line, however I find that epilating causes the hair to re-grow in different directions because it it theoretically hundreds of little tweezers just pulling in random directions. This will make it difficult to remove later on say in about… 5 – 6 months of usage?

It is clear that you want a cheap option that it quick and relatively pain free, however, thinking long term, you should start saving for laser hair removal (IPL). It uses strong lights that pulse through the skin to kill the hair follicle for permanent hair removal results! Something to bear in mind for the piggy bank!

I hope this information helps you somehow and that you and your bikini line choose the best solution!

Surplus white goods – who is responsible for the removal?

I'd like your views please. We rent. When we came into this property (unfurnished) there was a stove, washing machine and fridge/freezer in here. I prefer to use my own, so they were moved to the back of the garage (with the Agent/Landlord's permission). These appliances were 'free' with the property, but when worn out/broken, were not going to be replaced. They are now, along with loads of freestanding shelving, preventing me from putting my car in the garage at a time of year when I'd like to get it under cover. Do I ask the Agent/Landlord to remove the appliances (which will deteriorate over time although I have covered them up)? I'd be prepared to oversee the sale (and hand over the proceeds!). But am I at liberty to make this suggestion?

Not sure if this is the right category incidentally!!

Posted by Verulam

The appliances clearly belong to the landlord. Now, they are a nuisance to you, so call him or her and tell him that you would like to park your car in the garage and need the appliances out. Ask, "What would you like me to do with them?" If he says, you can do whatever you want, have him shoot you an email to that effect (get it in writing!). If he wants them, he should suggest a way or place for the items. You can ask, Would you permit me to sell them and give you the money?" if the conversation heads that way. I think the landlord will work with you on it.