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How to sell household small appliances in Chicago?I have some new small appliances like hot-dog maker, air purifier, juicer, blender… Does anybody knows if there’s any store would purchase these things with good price in Chicago?I’ve tried ebay, not working.

Posted by zsigmondy
AndreTry for the Chicago area.

Are there any appliance shops in Chicago?Whereabouts pls give spec details.

Posted by ben
AndreThere are dozens, if not hundreds, of appliance shops in Chicago.

I don’t know what you mean by “appliance.” In the US, the word USUALLY refers to refrigerators, ovens, washers, dryers, and small kitchen goods (toasters, mixers, etc.).

If you are referring to other electrical equipment (TV, audio, computers, etc.), you can find them all over the place. These stores are often called “electronics” stores.

If you are asking about repair, most places that sell this equipment can service it or refer you to a suitable repair shop.

Assuming you are looking for refrigerators, ovens, etc., here are just a few possible places to shop for “appliances” and “electronics”:

Sears (all over the city and suburbs)
Home Depot (all over the city and suburbs) [They do not sell “electronics”]
Lowe’s (all over the city and suburbs) [They do not sell “electronics”]
Any major “electronics” chain like Best Buy, HH Gregg, etc. (all over the city and suburbs)
Abt in Glenview (north of Chicago)
Fry’s in Downers Grove (west of Chicago)
Some furniture stores
Lots of independent appliance stores (all over the city and suburbs)

PS: Be aware that the US electric system is different than you use in Australia. Most US appliances run on 120 volt, 60 hertz; but electric clothes dryers and electric ranges require 220-240 volt systems which use a completely different electrical interface than used in Australia; so your Australian electrical appliances won’t work in the US without major modification.

Where to find a toaster in Chicago?Where can I go to the store and buy a Haier toaster in Chicago? I don’t want to buy it online. The specific toaster that I am looking for is the Haier TST850DS. Thanks!

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AndreHaier is a Company in China that for years made product under other names. I cannot speak for Chicago but in South Florida we have large outlets like Brandsmart that sell only appliances large and small in a big box store setting. You can contact their Customer Service and ask where to buy.
I noticed on the where to buy Menard’s was listed several times.

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