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What to do with the old computer waste?I generally have a strict go green policy. I am now fed up with lots of old useless computer accumulated in my office. I want to get them removed as per govt norms. I live in Los Angeles. I know that e-waste is hazardous and I like to know if someone offers some kind of e-waste removal service in a safe manner.

Posted by Bollinger V
AndreI work at Best Buy and all you have to do is bring in all your old computer equipment to the Geek Squad at any Best Buy location and we will do all the recycling for you. We are also currently working on being able to recycle your old consumer electronics and appliances. We did not get the Energy Star Retailer of the Year Award from Energy Star for nothing. The best part about Best Buy’s computer recycling, IT’S FREE !!

Whats the best way of fixing old 50-60s Projectors Light?

Posted by Matty
AndreThe best way to repair an older 8 mm or
Super 8 mm Projector Lamp, would be to
replace said Lamp! These Lamps are not
easy to find, anymore. If you know that
the Lamp in question is toast, then your
in luck! I just looked them up, and they do
have them listed! Depending on the Type
of Lamp your Projector requires; you can
expect to pay anywhere from $10 to $35.
When ordering, please order a spare, too!
I tell you this, because there’s nothing more
embarrassing / annoying when showing a
movie to have your lamp blow out on you
in the middle of an old home movie your
Father took, when he went on that trip to
Germany, back in 1964… If the Old (original)
Lamp checks good, but fails to come on; you
may have dirty contacts. Be sure, as when
ever Servicing any Appliance; to un plug the
unit. Remove the Lamp from it’s socket.
Some Lamps have a bayonet base, and will
need to be gently pushed in and turned
counter clock wise for proper removal. With
a flashlight; inspect the Lamp Socket and it’s
Contacts. If they are not shiny, take a piece
of doubly folded fine grit sand paper, and try
to clean the contacts and inside the Lamp
Socket as best you can. Lightly blow any
dust out and away from them Film Gate,
Aperture, and the Lens assemblies. If your
lucky to have the Owner’s Manual for the
Projector, It will provide you all the information
you need for the proper care and Parts
Replacement Procedures of said unit.
Anyway, you can order a replacement Lamp
for your Projector from these kind folks:www.mcmelectronics.comThey have a pretty good selection of Light
Bulbs and Lamps of all varieties, for exact
replacement available to Service Centers,
Fix-it Shops, and even for people like Us!
Feel free 2 e-me! I hope this will be of help 2 U!

Which store has the best prices on major appliances in DC metro area?

Posted by coco

AndreThere is no one answer to this question. Just like grocery stores, appliance stores sometimes get deals from particular manufacturers that they can pass along to buyers. In addition, a lot of stores have a matching policy. If you find it cheaper, they will give you the same price or better. So, you have to shop around a lot if you are determined to get the best price.However, I do have some suggestions. Costco sells some appliances. They sell low-end (called “builder’s grade”), which you probably don’t want, although even those machines might be okay for a summer place or to buy for a tenant’s apartment. More interestingly, they also sell a lot of stuff under their own name that is made by Whirlpool. Whirlpool makes good washers, dryers and dishwashers, and what is in Costco is basically the same product with a Costco-brand label. If you do your homework to figure out which one is which, you can save a lot of money.

My second suggestion is going to sound boring, but Sears often winds up being the cheapest store for appliances. The reason is that they don’t throw as many “garbage fees” at you as some stores. When we bought a refrigerator at Best Buy, the price looked good. But then it was X dollars for delivery PLUS Y dollars for installation, PLUS Z dollars for removal of the old one, PLUS money for the installation kit. If we had gone to Sears, the total would probably have been less. Sears sells all the big names these days as well as their own brand (which is often the best, according to Consumer Reports). BTW, Sears is one of the stores that promises to match prices you find elsewhere.

One more thing about Best Buy. They run specials periodically that give you free or discounted installation. If you happen to hit one of those, you can often do pretty well there. But otherwise, you have to be careful that you are comparing the full price with everything included, not just some come-on teaser.

In any event, it pays to shop around, and the big stores are not always the best. Two smaller places that I like to check out are Applianceland, Etc., in Rockville, MD, and (especially) Apache Appliance in Silver Spring.

Apache Appliance
28 Vital Way
Silver Spring, MD 20904

Applianceland, Etc.
866 Rockville Pike
Rockville, MD 20852

I hope this helps. Good luck!!

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