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Used appliance pick up $35.00

For fast and affordable appliance pick up in Chicago area, fill out the form below to schedule a pick up. We accept all major appliances only. Be sure to include the city in order to better process your request. A putrid or very foul smelling refrigerator costs $90 to pickup.


Appliances located upstairs or in the basement will cost 35 dollars per appliance to be removed.

Get affordable pick up of old appliances now and save money. If you’re like many other people who are wondering what to do with old appliances, then we have a solution for you. When you fill out the form above we come  to your home or place of business to remove and haul away all of you used appliances on the same day or later in the week if you choose. This means that old appliance removal such as old washer removal is handled in a very professional manner that is fast and stress free. Contact us now for junk appliance pick up or if  you are donating major appliances. We pick up refrigerator donations as well. However, you will not be getting a tax deductible receipt since we accept non-working and working appliances. Got more than one appliance? no problem. We do used appliances pick up free. Fill out the form now for old appliance removal in Chicago now.

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Many companies will charge huge prices to pickup appliance. Therefore it is not uncommon to be charged up to 200 dollars for old appliance removal. Contact us to get all of your old and broken appliances removed from your home or place of business. We accept all types of major appliances no matter what condition they may be in. Contact us also for appliance pick up donation if you simply want to get rid of old appliances that are too old to be sold or are not in good working condition. You can fill out the form also if  you just want to get rid of appliances that are in good working condition but you are not concerned about a tax deductible receipt. Your appliance will be sold to someone who cannot afford to buy new appliances.

Where to donate kitchen appliances

Kitchen appliances tend to be more dirtier than other appliances because of food grease and other element that are present in the kitchen. For this reason, it can be harder to clean these appliances and get them ready for appliance donation. When you contact us for appliance donation pick up, we will accept them the way they are, however as stated above you will not be given a donation receipt. For people looking to get a donation receipt, you may be able to contact salvation army appliance pick up. However, they have policies that you should know of. For more information, you can do a search on the internet for them.

$35.00 appliance pick up Chicago

Some appliance removal services have secret policies that they wont tell you about sometimes until they arrive. One company might say that your appliance pick up is free but to remove them will cost 75 dollars. This fee is understandable especially if you have a side by side refrigerator located on the second floor or in the basement. Our affordabvle appliance removal is 35 dollars per appliance that needs to be to be removed. Appliances located upstairs or in the basement cost an additional $35 per appliance to be removed. To avoid this fee, please be sure that your appliances are situated on ground level. This is pretty cheap compared to many other companies. Contact us now for old appliance removal if you have appliances on the second floor or in the basement.

appliance pick up Chicago