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Is it usual for an appliance store to charge a fee for removal of the old appliance?

I bought a freezer about 5 years ago and I don't remember the store charging a "delivery, set up and removal" fee. I went back to the same store today and was surprised to hear they now charge $69 for this. I told them I should be GETTING the fee for recycling my old fridge, not PAYING it OUT. The salesman just laughed and said any other appliance store would probably charge a lot more than that for delivery. Is he just looking to get extra money out of the sale, or what? Is this a reasonable price?

Posted by weakestlink11

Well, the price of fuel (gas) going up has made a lot of stores start charging delivery fees to cover their expenses. And the EPA has mandated that appliances have to be disposed of in very exacting ways to prevent additional pollution and for proper recycling and that costs more because of the time and labor involved. A fridge has gas in it that has to be "evacuated" under sealed conditions before they can even think about disposing of the unit.

If the salesman was worth his salt, he should have explained all this to you. Things have changed a lot in the last 5 years, mostly the rules and regulations regarding disposal of appliances and how things are to be handled. Upside, better for the environment and us but it does cost more money which is the down side.

Couple of ideas for you. 1. See if your electric company is offering any rebates for used appliances. Ours is offering $35 credit if you have a working electric appliance and have them pick it up. Problem, they are booked out at least a couple months in advance. Or 2. Post the fridge on $ for your area. In our local group we have several gentlemen (disabled veterans) who pick up old appliances, metal and such and recycle it for the metal. They use the metal recycling fees they receive to help pay for their medications and living expenses that their VA pension doesn't. And if the appliance still works, posting it on $35.00cycle will find it a new home with someone who really needs on. And $35.00cycle is just that; free!

See if the store will cut down the fee to just cover the delivery and go from there. If you know someone with a truck and a couple of strong backs and an appliance dolly, you can actually tell the store to go pound sand on their charges.

The problem with buying from the big box stores like Lowe's, Home Depot or Best Buy is that when you need service, you're out of luck. They do not service appliances only sell them. Some repair facilities will only service what they sell. And if it's warranty work, you could still end up paying and hoping that the manufacturer will reimburse you for the costs.

Friends bought a high end LG stove from Best Buy; got a great deal. However, 3-4 months down the road, the burners started shutting off when they felt like it. Come to find out the nearest LG authorized repair facility is over 1 1/2 hours away. LG wouldn't pay them the extra drive time, repair facility wouldn't come without being paid. Friend ended up paying for the repairs and submitting the bill to LG and got less than 1/2 of the expense back.

Moral of the story; buying from the big box retailers might save you money up front but make sure there is a local factory authorized repairman in your area for the manufacturer. And call that repairman and ask if he repairs items bought from all retailers or only what he has sold before making a decision.

My neighbor was recently discovered dead in her apt. After a week?

What measures need to be taken by the landlord to ensure the health and safety of the other tenents. The smell is atrocious!!!!!!!

Posted by clearureyes

Yeah, I had this happen in a complex I rented, only the tenant had been dead for 3 weeks…it was horrifying.

Anyhow, the landlord does have a responsibility, in any state, to maintain a safe living environment. So, as long as the "scene" has been cleared by the police to be cleaned, he needs to contact a service who is licensed to clean it.

These services are not always easy to find, and they are NEVER cheap. For my unit, they had to take the entire apartment down to the studs (removal of all drywall, carpet, appliances, cabinets, wallpaper…the works).

They bagged it up in brightly colored hazmat bags and took care of proper disposal. It took me about a week and a half to get on their schedule (they worked across three states…like I said, they aren't all that common). Once there, it cost me nearly 35k to get the unit cleaned and back into renting condition.

It's a bad thing to happen, and hopefully your landlord's insurance will cover some of it (mine did).

To directly answer your question, he needs to hire a licensed cleaning team to properly take care of the unit.

What are repercussions of backing out on the purchase of a home two days before the closing? ?

No money was put down. We aren't going to back out, but the seller is really jerking us around and we are closing on the 28th, but she is holding the keys until the 31st at 4:00pm because she planned an auction at that house (behind our back) to get rid of her stuff, on the 31st. We want to know if the threat of not going through with the sale would get her to put her morals in check or if it would be silly because of the real possible repercussions that could come from backing out.

By the way, I know it's not legal for her to be doing this, but we live in a small town and she is "somebody" and we are young, and the lawyer and realtor are a**holes too.
No, I have not asked this before…. I HAVE however asked if what the seller was doing was legal. That question was answered. This question was about possibly backing out, and the repercussions that come with it.

Posted by CJV

It is unlikely that a court would see a three day delay as an enforceable contract violation. Closings are delayed all the time for various reasons – although this one is sneaky.

There are two ways to go about this – an angry and a calm way. In the angry way …. You will own the house on the 28th. If you go through with closing on the 28th, simply get a locksmith to change the locks. It will cost you about $100. Any stuff that is still in there is abandoned property and you can dump it in the trash if you want. And, since it is your house, you could order all people who come there on the 31st away as trespassers. You could even get the police to remove the seller from your property.

Now, in a calm way, you could threaten to not go through with the sale, but if you really want the house, why do that to yourself for the sake of three days? I would simply inform them that they need to rent back the property, and charge them a big amount of rent, for those three days. Make sure you cover ALL of your expenses – incremental taxes, mortgage interest, utilities, plus any incremental expenses you will incur because of delayed use of your house – meals out, hotel stay, etc.

I would also require a BIG contingency held back out of her proceeds of the sales for all items that were included in the sale – such as lighting fixtures, drapes, appliances, and disposal/removal costs for any stuff she does not sell at the auction. Since her stuff is still in there, you won't be able to do a proper walkthrough before closing.

If they don't agree to all of your incremental expenses, inform them you have thought through a more angry approach.

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